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Lipari Sporting Goods & Specialties is one of the top sporting goods specialty stores in the New Iberia area.  Also, we created our own niche in spirit wear within local high schools, youth sport clubs, colleges and even local businesses. Using the same philosophy, Lipari Sporting Goods & Specialties has expanded into the decorating industry by having its own embroidery, digital printing and heat pressing machines, allowing us to dictate our own timelines to help better serve each customer. Lipari Sporting Goods & Specialties strongly believes in keeping the customer happy in any way possible. Lipari' staff will offer its expertise in any situation but at the same time, is also willing to adjust to the client's needs/wants.
  • Why Choose Us?
  • The high level of quality control, allows each customer to walk out the door feeling 100% confident with their order being completed correctly.
  • You will enjoy the individual, one-on-one contact with our team representative.
  • You will feel the convenience of the one stop shop service feature.
  • You will notice the complete follow through by working with the Lipari staff; our next step options will help create your vision while completing your order within your timeline.
  • No job is too small nor is it any less important than a large order.
  • And with all of these extra perks, our prices are still extremely competitive!
Our Clientele:
We realize the importance of developing a powerful, classic, professional look for businesses, teams, employee incentive programs, company picnics, organizations, park districts, spirit-wear... and the list keeps growing. We will help you get your name out to your clients and also receive the perk of looking professional!
The Complete Package:
At Lipari Sporting Goods & Specialties, we are proud to provide outstanding service. We enjoy saving you time and providing quality control, while still giving you a complete look.  You can depend on the careful, interested dedication of our staff to help you create your personalized or custom needs. We will make you look good!



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